Research Institutes in Sri Lanka

There are numerous research institutes, higher education institutions and independent think tanks carrying out research into a wide range of fields and disciplines in Sri Lanka. Notable among these are the Institute of Policy Studies, who promote policy-orientated economic research and aim to strengthen policy-analysis capacity in Sri Lanka; the Coconut Research Institute of Sri Lanka which was founded in 1928, making it the first ever research institute devoted to the study of the coconut industry; and the Medical Research Institute of Sri Lanka who support research across the biomedical field to help achieve national health goals set by the Ministry of Health and to develop better health practices and services for the benefit of the Sri Lankan population. A website portal provides a comprehensive database of scholarly journals and articles and information about Sri Lanka.

Research Institutes organisations in Sri Lanka
Archaeological Survey Department of Sri Lanka
Coconut Research Institute
Colombo Observatory
Department of Wildlife Conservation
Economic Research Unit
Geological Survey and Mines Bureau
Hector Kobbekaduwa Agrarian Research and Training Institute
Horticultural Research and Development Institute
Industrial Technology Institute
Marga Institute
Medical Research Institute
National Resources Research and Development Agency
National Science Foundation
Rubber Research
Sri Lanka Water Resources Board
Tea Research Institute of Sri Lanka
Veterinary Research Institute
Wiros Lokh Institute