Regional & Local Government

There are nine provinces in Sri Lanka each governed by a provincial council. Provincial councils constitute the second tier of government in Sri Lanka. The president appoints a governor to each province for a period of 5 years. The governor is responsible, with the consultation of a board of ministers, for effectuating the policies of the provincial council. Each provincial council also has an elected chairman and vice chairman.

The third tier of government in Sri Lanka is made up of 335 local authorities. Constituting these are 23 municipal councils, 41 urban councils and 271 rural pradeshiya sabhas. These three types of local authority have identical decision making systems, with the urban councils and pradeshiya sabhas led by a chairperson, and the municipal councils led by a mayor. All leaders of local authorities are nominated by the majority party and serve for a period of four years.

Regional & Local Government organisations in Sri Lanka
Western Province