Find Industry and Manufacturing expertise in Saint Lucia

Manufacturing contributes around 6% of St Lucia’s GDP (2008). The main manufacturing sub-sectors include clothing, assembly of electronic components, food processing, production of beverages, corrugated cardboard box manufacturing and processing of coconuts and limes. Food and beverages comprise the dominant manufacturing sub-sector. The most widely exported products of manufacturing include Caribbean rum, which is famous globally, and coconut oil.  Access to Caribbean Community and Common Market (CARICOM) countries has attracted a wide spectrum of international businesses from the U.S., Europe, Canada, Korea, China, Hong Kong, the Caribbean and elsewhere. The St Lucia Manufacturers Association aims to develop the country’s manufacturing sector by working in different areas such as technology, productivity and competitiveness to further foster economic growth through exports.

Industry and Manufacturing organisations in Saint Lucia
Atwell Dalgliesh Co.
Banana Industry Trust
Caribbean Springs Ltd
Chemical Manufacturing & Investment Co. Ltd
Chuganis Industries Ltd
Four (4 A's) Corporation
Hanco Industries Ltd
Lewis Industries Ltd
Marisule Chemical Industries Ltd
Mark 72 Construction Industries Ltd
Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Consumer Affairs
New Frontier Industries Ltd
S & E Manufacturing Ltd
S & K Manufacturing
Saint Lucia Metal & Plastic Manufacturers Ltd
St Lucia Chamber of Commerce Industry & Agric
St Lucia Hospitality Industry Workers Credit
Sunshine Industries Ltd
Transam Ltd