Education NGOs and CSOs in Swaziland

NGOs and parastatal bodies mainly address the need for adult literacy and numeracy programmes. Swaziland’s strong telecommunications infrastructure, high literacy rates and educational levels of its population, and its well-developed radio and television network make it practical for distance education initiatives of organisations such as the Commonwealth of Learning. Fundza assists in an educational development role by installing libraries in schools and providing relevant teacher training. The Emlalatini Development Centre (EDC), funded by the Ministry of Education and sponsored by the Danish Development Agency, provides alternative educational opportunities for school children and young adults. Through correspondence material, short residential courses and radio broadcasts, it offers subjects such as English and mathematics to students wishing to complete their secondary education or begin vocational training.

Education NGOs and CSOs organisations in Swaziland
Emlalatini Development Centre
Natural History Society of Swaziland
SOS Children
Swaziland National Association of Teachers