Government Ministries

Ministries in Swaziland, such as the Ministry of Defence and the Ministry of Health, are headed by appointees of the king. The king appoints ministers from both chambers of parliament on the recommendation of the prime minister. Based on a bicameral system – with a 55-member House of Assembly and 31-member Senate – parliament is the supreme forum of government activities. The Cabinet is collectively responsible to parliament. On the advice of the Civil Service Commission, the king appoints principal secretaries on a renewable five-year contract.

Government Ministries organisations in Swaziland
Ministry of Defence
Ministry of Economic Planning and Development
Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation
Ministry of Home Affairs
Ministry of Housing and Urban Development
Ministry of Information and Communication Technology
Ministry of Justice and Constitutional Affairs
Ministry of Labour and Social Security
Ministry of Natural Resources and Energy
Ministry of Public Service
Ministry of Public Works and Transport
Ministry of Sports, Culture and Youth Affairs
Ministry of Tourism and Environment
The Office of the King