Tourism in Swaziland

Cultural tours, shopping expeditions, and numerous outdoor activities are all available through local service providers. Outdoor activities include caving, white water rafting, abseiling, mountain biking, canoeing, game drives, adventure hikes, fishing, boating, horse riding and paragliding. Casinos and world-class golf courses are available, as well as more cultural activities such as traditional dancing, local tours of glassmaking workshops, and viewing batik and candle making. Cultural centres include the Swaziland National Museum, King Sobuza II Memorial Park at Lobamba, and the Swazi Cultural Village at Mantenga. The Swaziland National Trust Commission (SNT) manages four nature reserves, namely, Malolotja, Mlawula, Mantenga and Hawane nature reserves, where a wide diversity of flora and fauna can be found.

Tourism organisations in Swaziland
Mananga Country Club
Ministry of Tourism, Environment and Communication
Swaziland Airlink
Swaziland Tourism Authority
Swaziland Tourist Office, Mantenga
Swaziland Tourist Office, Ngwenya