Transport in Swaziland

The Royal Swazi National Airways Corporation is the national airline of Swaziland. There are regular Comair and Swazi Airline flights between Manzini and Johannesburg. There is a good road network between Swaziland and various cities of Africa, and regular bus services from Durban, Johannesburg and Mpumalanga. A train service runs between Maputo and Durban and passes through Swaziland. Tourists can opt for taxis or minibuses; and car hire is also available from a number of international car hire companies in Swaziland. Traffic drives on the left. Through ongoing cross-border initiatives between Swaziland, Mozambique and South Africa, the Lubombo Route (a road network) now traverses southern Mozambique, eastern Swaziland, Mpumalanga and northern KwaZulu Natal, giving tourists a chance to experience the diverse cultures, landscapes, wildlife and coastal attractions of the Lubombo region.

Transport organisations in Swaziland
Airlink Swaziland - Matsapa
Airlink Swaziland - Mbabane
Ministry of Sports, Culture and Youth Affairs
National Football Association of Swaziland (NFAS)
Natural History Society of Swaziland
Royal Swazi National Airways Corporation
Scan Air Charter Ltd
Steffen Air Charter / Swazi Express Airways
Swazi Handicrafts
Swaziland National Sports Council
Swaziland National Trust Commission
Swaziland Olympic and Commonwealth Games Association
Swaziland Railway