Government Agencies in Tonga

Tonga’s public spending on education accounts for approximately 5 per cent of GDP. The Ministry of Education oversees the education system and the Education Act of 1974 enables it to set aims, syllabi, examinations and teaching methods. The main parts of education administration are the Curriculum Development Unit and the Examination Unit. The Curriculum Development Unit is responsible for the continuing development of curriculum material and curriculum (syllabus) prescriptions for primary and secondary schools in the Kingdom of Tonga. The Examination Unit maintains the national examination programs for the Ministry of Education. These examinations include annual examinations for placement of primary school students into government schools and the Tonga School Certificate, the national examination for Secondary School students at the 5th year stage. The Examination Unit works with the South Pacific Board of Educational Assessment (SPBEA) an organisation which manages the matriculation examination for many South Pacific islands. The Tonga Institute of Higher Education coordinates all education and training at post-secondary level for the Ministry of Education.

Government Agencies organisations in Tonga
Ministry of Education, Women's Affairs and Culture