National Agencies

There are  many national agencies operating over a variety of areas in Tonga. National agencies describes non-departmental or non-ministerial bodies that are publically funded and are usually backed by an act of parliament. Most of the national agencies fall within the sphere of what the government defines as government corporatised public enterprises. There are around 15 of these. Some exist to provide basic services such as the Tonga Communications Corporation, Waste Authority Ltd, Tonga Post and Tonga Power. Some are involved in development finance and investment such as the Tonga Development Bank and Tonga Investment Ltd. Others manage infrastructure for example Tonga Airport Limited (TAL) and the Ports Authority of Tonga. The National Reserve Bank of Tonga is the financial sector regulator.

National Agencies organisations in Tonga
Department of Civil Aviation
National Reserve Bank of Tonga
Tonga Development Bank