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Agriculture, forestry and fisheries contribute 0.3% to Trinidad and Tobago’s GDP of which fisheries is about 10%, or 0.0.3% of the GDP (2008). The fisheries sector comprises activities in marine fisheries, aquaculture, inland fisheries and an ornamental fish trade. The sector is mainly artisanal but also includes semi-industrial and industrial fleets. The marketing and selling of fish is undertaken in a very basic manner, with most of the fish marketed fresh and sold directly by the fishermen on the beach to private buyers/middlemen or to consumers. Shrimp constitute about 40% of the value of all fishery exports. Trinidad and Tobago has an extensive shelf area of 20,400 km, and a total coastline of 540 km.

Exports are centred around the ornamental industry, which involves the capture of wild freshwater species which are then exported to CARICOM countries including Surinam, Canada, Germany, Sweden, the UK and the USA. The most commonly exported species include Hypostomus robinnii Corydoras aeneuss and Peocilla reticulate.

The fisheries is composed of marine, aquaculture, inland and ornamental fisheries, with the marine sub-sector dominating the sector, while the inland and aquaculture sub-sectors are more minor. The marine sector is predominantly composed of inshore artisanal fishing constituting about three quarters of all landings. There are estimated to be about 5100 artisanal fishermen, with the catch profile composed mainly of demersal and pelagic species. The semi-industrial fleet on the other hand largely targets tuna, swordfish and other billfish species; king fish, dolphin fish, tile fish, snappers species, groupers and sharks.

The inland fisheries sub-sector is small and makes little if any contribution. The few who do practice may capture tilapia species and cascadura in the flood plains. The aquaculture sub-sector is practiced at the subsistence and semi-commercial levels, but there are only estimated to be 53 farmers, of which 3 of some significance. The primary species farmed include tilapia species, as well as both indigenous and introduced species.

Trinidad and Tobago is committed to the sustained development and management of its marine resources and the protection of its ecosystems. Trinidad and Tobago is committed to the sustainable development and management of its marine resources and the protection of its ecosystems.

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