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There are more than 30 active oil and gas fields, many of them offshore. The main marine producing fields are located on the north coast, east coast and the south-west coast. On land, production is concentrated in central and south Trinidad. For a long time after the 1970s there were no significant fields discovered, but exploration in areas off the east coast led to discovery of the large Angostura field in 2001. In January 2013 proven oil reserves were estimated at 800 million barrels. Exploration has intensified following the Angostura find, but offshore fields are costly to exploit and slow to be brought on stream. There are two oil refineries at Pointe-à-Pierre and Point Fortin.

Trinidad and Tobago has estimated proven natural gas reserves of 400 billion cubic metres (January 2013). The Atlantic LNG Plant at Point Fortin started to export natural gas in 1999. It was then expanded in stages during the 2000. The country is among the world’s biggest exporters of liquefied natural gas (LNG).

The oil and gas industry has played a significant part in Trinidad and Tobago’s economic development. Trinidad and Tobago is seventh in the global LNG trade and is the largest exporter of LNG to the USA (2008). The BP Group has a long-standing association with Trinidad and Tobago.

The Petroleum Company of Trinidad and Tobago Ltd (Petrotrin) is a state-owned integrated oil and gas company and the country’s largest producer of crude oil, operating ten project sites across southern Trinidad. The company is involved in both upstream and downstream sectors of the industry. Upstream components include onshore and offshore drilling for exploration and production, well servicing and maintenance. It was formed and came under full state ownership in 1993, as the result of a merger between Trintopec and Trintoc. The merger incorporated assets from international oil and gas ventures in the southern Caribbean including Shell Trinidad, Texaco and British Petroleum, some stretching as far back as 1907. As of 2004, its status as a state-owned company also guarantees it an automatic stake in any foreign exploration and production projects in Trinidad and Tobago.

Atlantic LNG has an oil and natural gas hub in Point Fortin and is owned by subsidiaries of BP, BG Group, Repsol YPF, GDF Suez, and the National Gas Company of Trinidad and Tobago. The government of Trinidad and Tobago is committed to advancing LNG as part of the Vision 2020 National Strategic Plan for the Energy Sector for Enabling Competitive Business, to take advantage of increasing in the global demand for natural gas usage.

The downstream sector converts natural gas into ammonia, methanol and urea, which are exported to other countries. Trinidad and Tobago is the largest exporter of ammonia and the second largest exporter of methanol in the world.

The government is currently exploring the potential for Trinidad’s tar sands, located on its south-west peninsula, to produce crude oil. Canadian expertise is being sought, because there is a similar operation on Canada’s tar sands. However, the practice can cause considerable environmental damage.

Oil and Gas organisations in Trinidad and Tobago
Aerogas Processors Limited
Air Liquide Trinidad & Tobago Limited
Atlantic LNG Company of Trinidad & Tobago
Atlas Methanol Unlimited
BG Trinidad & Tobago
BHP Billiton Trinidad & Tobago
BP Trinidad & Tobago LLC
Cameron (Trinidad) Limited
Canadian Superior Energy Inc.
Chevron Texaco Trinidad & Tobago Resources
EOG Resources Trinidad Ltd
GDF SUEZ Global Gas and LNG
Industrial Gases Limited
Industrial Plant Services Ltd
Kerr-Mc Gee TTOffshore Petroleum Ltd
La Brea Industrial Development Company Limited (LABIDCO)
Lennox Petroleum Services Limited
M-I SWACO / M-I Trinidad Limited Provider of: Drilling, Workover & Completion
Methanex Trinidad Unlimited
Methanol Holdings Trinidad Limited
National Energy Corporation of Trinidad & Tobago Ltd (NEC)
National Petroleum
Neal & Massy Energy
Nu-Iron Unlimited
PCS Nitrogen Trinidad Limited
Petroleum Company of Trinidad and Tobago Ltd
Phoenix Park Gas Processors Limited
Repsol E&P Trinidad & Tobago Limited
Shell Trinidad Limited
T.D Williamson (TDW) Trinidad & Tobago Ltd
Ten Degrees North Energy Ltd
The National Gas Company of Trinidad & Tobago Ltd
Trinidad & Tobago National Petroleum Marketing Co Ltd
Trintogas Limited
Yara Trinidad Ltd