Find National NGO expertise in Trinidad and Tobago

Trinidad has many non-governmental organisations (NGOs) involved in all sectors of sustainable development. The Network of Civil Society Organisations consists of NGOs, community-based organisations (CBOs) and faith-based organisations (FBOs), which function at a local level in various communities. The network identifies and helps to address issues of poverty and vulnerability within communities in Trinidad and Tobago. Organisations within the network can share information and access services and learning opportunities for more effective impact in their community. The offices of the European Union (EU) Poverty Reduction Programme Project Implementation Unit are located in Trinidad. The Regional Micro-Project Fund (RMPF) provides micro-grants to civil society organisations (CSOs) to finance worthy projects. These grants can also be used to fund joint projects between CSOs and government organisations.

National NGOs & Civil Society organisations in Trinidad and Tobago
Association of Caribbean Higher Education Administrators
Carribbean Association of Women Entrepreneurs
Disabled Peoples International
Environment Tobago
Family Planning Association of Trinidad and Tobago
Law Association of Trinidad and Tobago
Tobago District Agricultural Society
Trinidad Music Association