Essentials in Trinidad and Tobago

Malaria and typhoid inoculations are not required, but inoculation against hepatitis A, tetanus and yellow fever is advised. Enquiries should be made about rabies and diphtheria as inoculation is sometimes advised. Drinking water is generally considered to be safe, but outside the main cities bottled water is recommended for visitors. Passports must be valid for six months from date of entry into the country. Visitors from Britain and most other EU counties, the United States and Canada do not require visas for visits of up to three months, but all visitors must be in possession of a valid return ticket and be able to provide a local address for their stay when entering the country. Check with the nearest consulate or high commission if uncertain about any details.

Essentials organisations in Trinidad and Tobago
Chief Immigration Department
Ministry of National Security - Customs & Excise Division