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Agriculture, together with forestry and fisheries, contributes 22% of Tuvalu’s GDP (2010). In 2009 33.3% of Tuvalu’s land was given over to agricultural use. Agriculture takes place mainly at a subsistence level and is concentrated on the country’s outer islands, which have a lower population density. Coconuts are Tuvalu’s only commercial agricultural crop, whilst toddy and fresh nuts are the most important products. The country’s traditional farming system features groves of coconut trees inter-planted with other crops. There is some concern that traditional skills may be lost as the younger generation is reluctant to engage in subsistence farming. Livestock production on Tuvalu is present only at a subsistence level due to the limitations imposed on pasture development by geographical size and unpredictable weather conditions. Home gardening is practiced on the islands but is limited by animal damage and water scarcity. Tuvalu’s Department of Agriculture is a division of the Ministry of Natural Resources. 

Agriculture organisations in Tuvalu
DSAP Tuvalu Agriculture Department