Find Computing and Office Supplies expertise in Tuvalu

Personal computer (PC) ownership in Tuvalu is fairly low. In 2005 just 8.6% of the population owned a PC. However internet penetration rates are comparable with world levels, suggesting that access to computers throughout the country is relatively easy; in 2010 there were approximately 4,300 internet users in Tuvalu, a 40.8% penetration rate (Internet World Stats, 2010). In 2011 there were 1,720 registered Facebook users in Tuvalu, representing 16.3% of the population (Internetworldstats, 2011). In 2010, 0.15% of Tuvalu’s total imports were made up of parts and accessories for computing and office equipment (Observatory of Economic Complexity, 2010). In 2011, 65% of Tuvalu’s GDP was derived from service industries, which stimulate a growing computing and office supplies market.

Tuvalu’s computing sector is based mainly upon Cisco equipment and Compaq machines.  There is a limited base of computing suppliers on the island. Tuvalu Office and Computer Supplies is an example of a local supplier; the company is based in the capital of Funafuti and provides local sales of hardware, software, peripherals and office supplies.

Tuvalu is a very small country in terms of size and population. The distance between Tuvalu and the nearest developed community is also very vast and as such there are no prominent global computing companies located on the island. However a few multinational computing and office supplies companies with headquarters based in Australia support pacific islands, including Tuvalu. Microsoft offers support to Tuvalu from their headquarters and product support departments based in Sydney.

In 2000 Tuvalu leased it’s “.tv” domain name to American company VeriSign for an initial sum of US$50 Million, which helped to fund the building of roads and infrastructure in the country. The terms of the domain names lease require a further $1 million to be paid to the country per year, making up roughly 10% of Tuvalu’s yearly GDP (Independent, 2010). The .tv domain name has proved extremely popular amongst television and film websites in the US. After the sale of the domain name the Tuvalu government began using the .com domain name.

Several organisations have been set up to help assist in the stability and growth of the economy of Tuvalu. The Luaseuta Foundation is one such organisation, run by several government figures and staff members from prominent companies on the island. The Luaseuta Foundation aims to bridge the digital divide that is present in the country by providing access to computers for schools and community facilities such as libraries.