Find Construction and Engineering expertise in Tuvalu

In 2008 the construction industry in Tuvalu contributed 4.6% to the country’s GDP. Due to the country’s small size and shortage of demand for new projects, there are only a few local contractors who are engaged across the housing, road maintenance and infrastructural subsectors. Many projects requiring construction work are commissioned by the government, for example the Sea Wall on the island of Nanamuga. In addition, international assistance has seen the construction of several largescale infrastructural projects, with Tuvalu’s diplomatic relations with Taiwan funding the construction of the country’s largest building, a three storey administrative headquarters for the government. Whilst the country has some local engineers, such as the broadcast engineers at the Tuvalu Media Corporation, international players are similarly significant. In 2009 the international communications company ‘Pactel’ provided Tuvalu with skilled engineers in order to deploy an effective new mobile telecommunications system on the islands. In light of the threat which sea level rise poses to the country, development bodies such as NZAID are actively supporting environmental engineering firms such as ‘Costal Engineering Solutions’ to assist with projects like the Tuvalu Ship to Shore Transport Project, through means such as applying expertise and mentoring local engineers. In 2010 engineers of the New Zealand Defence Force also assisted in building and electrical work at Tuvalu’s only secondary school in Motufoua. Whilst there is currently no provision for engineering education in Tuvalu, the Australian government offers annual scholarships to talented Tuvaluan students wishing to continue their studies across various professional sectors, including engineering.