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There is an imbalance in development between different kinds of freight, shipping and logistics services in Tuvalu. Land and air services are limited, though as an island nation, water freight is more advanced.

Tuvalu relies on imports for much of its food as well as animals, mineral fuels, machinery and manufactured goods the value of which greatly outweighs revenue gained through the export of fish, copra and handicraft goods. Exports are principally to Fiji, Australia and New Zealand and imports come from Australia, Fiji, New Zealand and Asia.

Tuvalu has two seaports, one in Nukufetsu and the main port that is located in Funafuti which is governed by the Funafuti Port Authority. This is a small port which can support a maximum vessel length of 500 feet, and a maximum cargo pier depth of six metres. Whilst it provides good shelter, there are limited repair facilities and no dry dock.

Only the main roads in Funafuti are paved, and there is a small amount of freight movement via trucks. There is no national freight airline in Tuvalu, and in 2011 the World Bank launched the Tuvalu Aviation Infrastructure Investment Project to enable the country’s airport to meet International Civil Aviation Organisation Standards. There are plans to upgrade the airport so that it can be used by lager aircrafts such as the 737 jet.

Shipping matters are the responsibility of the Marine and Port Services, which is a department of the Ministry of Works, Communication and Transport. The Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Commerce is responsible for overseeing imports and exports to and from the country.

There are 58 operators working in Tuvalu of which 33 are foreign owned. They provide various different services such as cargo, bulk carriers, chemical tankers, containers, petroleum tankers, refrigerated cargo and passenger/cargo. There are a number of shipping companies in Tuvalu, such as Patiale Shipping Agents and Kolone Shipping Services, both based in Funafuti and shipping services to the smaller islands are limited.

Tuvalu Shipping Services is a liner agent in the country and is also an agent for the international firm DHL. International shipping is provided on a monthly basis by Oceanlink and Pacific Direct. UPS also operates an import shipping service in Tuvalu out of the offices of Williams and Gosling Ltd in Fiji.

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