Find Human Resources expertise in Tuvalu

Tuvalu has an adult literacy rate close to 100%, and both English and Tuvaluan are recognized as official languages. The most recent survey conducted by the International Labour Organisation found that the country’s dominant employment sector regards involvement in elementary occupations, with 36% of the population engaged in such professions. In Tuvalu, 27% of the labour force are classified as professionals, 17% as service workers and shop and market sales workers, 11% as clerks and 9% as legislators, senior officials and managers. The smallest employment sector regards that of skilled agricultural and fishery workers, at just 1% of the country’s population. The islands have a total unemployment rate of 6.5%, with the distribution of this figure being higher among the urban than rural population. The Tuvalu Technical Education Center provides opportunities for adults to learn useful trades to improve their employment prospects. Classes and workshops are centred on topics such as public health, home gardening, secretarial work, technical skills, community skills and English language lessons.