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Owing to its small size, Tuvalu has just 8km of roads. In 2002 tarring was completed, thus significantly improving the quality in comparison to the previous surfaces of compacted coral and dirt tracks. Tuvalu has one deep water lagoon at Funafuti, which can be accessed at Nukufetau. The nine islands comprising Tuvalu are served by a passenger and cargo vessel which also calls at Suva in the Fiji islands. Other ships from the Fiji islands, Australia and New Zealand also call at Funafuti. The country’s only airfield is also located on Funafuti, and its new runway was completed in 1992 with international funding and Commonwealth technical assistance. Funafuti international airport receives scheduled flights from Majuro in the Marshall Islands, Tarawa in Kiribati, and Nadi and Suva in Fiji islands.

Transport Infrastructure organisations in Tuvalu
Civil Aviation Authority