Tourism in Tuvalu


Tuvalu resembles the classic image of a South Sea paradise and visitors can enjoy the peaceful atmosphere and numerous beaches. The Funafuti Lagoon is one of Tuvalu’s greatest attractions and it provides an excellent location for swimming and snorkelling. The island also offers dive or game fishing. Funafuti Marine Conservation Area, a protected marine park consisting of six tiny islets, is home to numerous tropical fish, sea birds and turtles. Tourists can also watch the national sports of kilikiti, a local version of cricket, and teano, a game resembling volleyball. Other attractions include Philatelic Bureau, which provides stamps to collectors all over the world, and the University of the South Pacific Centre, which sells a range of books relating to Tuvalu.

Tourism organisations in Tuvalu
Manu Travel Agency
Ministry of Environment, Energy and Tourism, Tourism Officer
Tuvalu Tours / Travel Association Services
Tuvalu Travel Office