Find Insurance and Reinsurance expertise in Uganda

There are over 20 insurance companies in Uganda. The general insurance market commands more business than the life insurance market. The insurance sector as a whole is small in relation to the rest of the financial sector, in terms of asset ownership. However it is growing; premium revenues increased by 25% to US$90 million in 2008. The top three insurance companies are the National Insurance Company, Jubilee Insurance and East African Underwriters. The sector falls under the supervision of the Uganda Insurance Commission.

Insurance and Reinsurance organisations in Uganda
AAR Health Services
AIG Uganda Ltd
Alexander Forbes Uganda Ltd
Alliance Insurance Co. Ltd
American Insurance Group
AON Uganda Ltd
Astra Insurance Brokers Ltd
Cannon Insurance Consultant Ltd
Capital Insurance Consultants Ltd
Chancery Wright Insurance Brokers Ltd
Crown Diamond Insurance Brokers Ltd
East Africa General Insurance Co. Ltd
East African Underwriters
Empire Insurance Group (EIG) Ltd
Excel Insurance Co. Ltd
Family Insurance Services Ltd
First American Insurance Latermidiaries, The
First Insurance Co. Ltd
Five Star Insurance Service Ltd
Global Insurance Co. Ltd
Globe Consult Ltd
Goldstar Insurance Co. Ltd
Imperial Insurance Co. Ltd
Insurance Co. of East Africa
Jubilee Insurance Co. of Uganda Ltd
Leads Insurance Ltd
Lion Assurance Co. Ltd
Multiple Consult Network Ltd
National Insurance Corporation
Oriental Insurance Brokers Ltd
Pan Africa Insurance Co. Ltd
Paramount Insurance Co. Ltd
Paulmuga Agencies Ltd
Phoenix Of Uganda Assurance Co. Ltd
PKF - Uganda
Platinum Insurance Ltd
Prompt Insurance Ltd
PRP Insurance Services Ltd
Rio Insurance Co. Ltd
Rock Insurance Services Ltd
Royal Insurance Consultants Ltd
Southern Union Insurance Brokers Ltd
Statewide Insurance Co. Ltd
Trans Africa Assurance Co. Ltd
Transworld Insurance Services Ltd
UAP Insurance
Uganda Associated Insurance Brokers Ltd
Uganda Insurance Commission, The
Uganda Insurers Association
UNIC Insurance Plc
United Assurance Co. Ltd
Universal Galaxy Insurance Brokers Ltd
Vital Insurance Services Ltd
Worldwide Insurance and Financial Services Ltd