National Agencies

National agencies in Uganda consist of publicly funded bodies, commissions, statutory bodies, state-owned enterprises and authorities. They include the Uganda Export Promotion Board, tasked with making export policies and strategies to ensure efficient and co-ordinated measures for the development and promotion of Uganda’s exports; the National Forestry Authority, which is responsible for the sustainable management of the central forest reserves; and the Civil Aviation Authority, which is responsible for regulating and managing the country’s air infrastructure.

National Agencies organisations in Uganda
Bank of Uganda
Capital Markets Authority
Directorate for Ethics and Integrity Uganda
Electricity Regulatory Authority
Local Government Finance Commission
National Agriculture Research Organisation
National Council for Higher Education
National Forestry Authority
National Social Security Fund
The Inspectorate of Government
Uganda Bureau of Statistics
Uganda Civil Aviation Authority
Uganda Communications Commission
Uganda Development Bank
Uganda Development Gateway
Uganda Export Promotion Board
Uganda Export Promotion Board
Uganda Government Enterprise Reform & Divesiture Program
Uganda Investment Authority
Uganda National Bureau of Standards
Uganda Revenue Authority
Uganda Securities Exchange
Uganda Tourist Board