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The development of capitalism in UK was accompanied with the rapid rise of trade unionism such that today trade unionism in the country has a history of over 150 years. Over the decades trade unions have been actively involved in collective bargaining, organised industrial action and providing services including legal advice to their members. Trade unions have had a powerful role in politics indirectly through lobbying and directly through the Labour Party where they have significant power in electing the leader, whom at various stages in history has been elected Prime Minister. Presently, the trade union system consists of hundreds of unions but the most significant names are the Trade Union Congress, the trade union centre; Unite, the country’s largest union; UNISON, the public service trade union; Rail Maritime and Transport Union (RMT) a very prominent and powerful union; and the National Teachers Union (NUT).

Trade Unions organisations in United Kingdom
National Union of Teachers (NUT)
Rail Maritime & Transport Union (RMT)
Trades Union Congress
Unite - the Union