Regional & Local Government

There are three levels of Central Government administrative units, which are Regions, Districts and Divisions. The United Republic of Tanzania is divided into 26 regions (21 on the mainland, 3 on Zanzibar, 2 on Pemba) and these are further divided into 127 districts, and then again into more than 500 divisions. At the district level, there is the district commissioner as the principal assistant to the regional commissioner at that level and the district administrative secretary as the head of the civil service.

Regional & Local Government organisations in United Republic of Tanzania
Association of Local Authorities
Bukoba Municipal Council
Dar es Salaam Region
Dodoma Region
Kagera Region
Mtwara Region
Mwanza Region
Tanga Region
Tanzania National Parks
Tanzania National Parks
Tanzania Trade Centre
the City of Dar es Salaam
Zanzibar Urban/West Region