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Vanuatu's economy is primarily agricultural, with agriculture, forestry and fisheries contributing 19% of the country's GDP (2010). In 2009 approximately one third of land was used for agriculture and 15.3% of the population was employed in the sector. However, the majority of Vanuatu's population is limited to subsistence farming. Additionally cash crop production plays an important role; the sector is dominated by copra, coconuts, cocoa and kava. Coffee, fruit and vegetables and fish are also important products for the area. Livestock plays a major role in Vanuatu's economy, with beef exports making a significant contribution to the economy. The major export markets for this are Japan, the Solomon Islands and Papua New Guinea. The Ministry of Agriculture, Quarantine, Forestry and Fisheries is responsible for managing agricultural resources with sustainable management practices and a focus on local communities. The agricultural sector in Vanuatu has grown steadily since 2003 despite productivity and agricultural growth being limited by insufficient infrastructure and the effects of frequent natural disasters.

Agriculture organisations in Vanuatu
Ministry for Agriculture & Livestock