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Electricity in Vanuatu is primarily limited to the urban areas. According to the Asian Development Bank (ADB), only 27% of Vanuatu’s population has access to electricity (2010). Power is supplied in Port Vila, Luganville, East Malekula and Tanna by UNELCO Vanuatu Ltd, a private company. In Port Villa, power generation is predominately diesel with wind power from the Devils Point Wind Farm; generation in Luganville is diesel and hydropower. Rural areas must rely on their own power generation. There is considerable potential for developing geothermal, wind and hydropower in Vanuatu and various electricity development projects are funded by, among others, AusAID, the ADB, the EU, the government of Japan and the non-governmental organisation Vanrepa, which focuses on rural wind energy projects.

Electricity and Power organisations in Vanuatu