Find Human Resources expertise in Vanuatu

Vanuatu has an adult literacy rate of 82% (2009). While Bislama is the first language of most people in urban areas, French and English are also official languages of Vanuatu and widely spoken among skilled workers. The majority of the labour force continues to work in agriculture but the services sector is growing steadily. Foreigners wanting to work or trade in Vanuatu must obtain a Permit to Enter and Reside, controlled by the Department of Immigration. The Department of Labour & Employment Services monitor working conditions, health and safety and administer and facilitate seasonal employment schemes. There a number of government departments and private organisations that provide training for Vanuatu’s workforce, including the Vanuatu National Training Council, the Department of Co-operatives and Ni-Vanuatu Business Development (DCNVBD), the Vanuatu Regional Development Training Centres Association (VRDTCA) and the Vanuatu Network of Women for the Development and Sustainability of Microfinance Institutions which focuses on empowering disadvantaged women.