Tourism in Vanuatu

Vanuatu is a Y-shaped archipelago in the south-west Pacific with 83 islands of volcanic and coral origin. Some islands have active volcanoes, the most popular being Mount Yasur on the island of Tanna, and many islands are mountainous, rising on Espíritu Santo to over 1,800m. Fresh water rivers, waterfalls and underwater caves are plentiful providing endless opportunities for swimming, diving and kayaking while the black and white sand beaches and coral reefs offer great surfing, snorkeling, fishing and relaxation. Volcanoes, rainforests and nature reserves encourage hiking, cycling, wildlife and birdwatching. Visit a Kastom village on Espíritu Santo to learn about traditional Vanuatu lifestyle and customs, explore the island of Ambrym known for its black magic and wood carvings or discover Chief Roi Mata’s Domain on Efaté, Vanuatu’s first World Heritage Site. Fine restaurants, shopping and nightlife are centred in Port Vila while local events and traditional festivals can be found year-round on many islands.  

Tourism organisations in Vanuatu
Ministry of Economic Affairs & Tourism
National Tourism Development Office
Santo Tourism Industry Development Association
Taefa Tourism Council
Vanuatu Tourism Office