Transport in Vanuatu

There are three international airports in Vanuatu: Bauerfield Airport near Port Vila on Efaté, Pekoa Airport near Luganville on Espíritu Santo and White Grass Airport on the island of Tanna. They are served by six major airlines, including the national carrier Air Vanuatu which offers regular service to some 30 domestic airports throughout the islands. There is no public transport in Vanuatu but metered taxis are available, as well as private buses and minibuses, although there are often no timetables or set routes for these. There are a number of car-hire companies operating in Port Vila and Luganville; however, there is a shortage of paved roads outside of these cities. Inter-island travel is by boat from Port Vila and Espíritu Santo, or by Vanair, the domestic airline. Visitors can also arrive by yacht or cruise ship into Port Vila.

Transport organisations in Vanuatu
Air Vanuatu
Burns Philip Shipping
Helicopters Vanuatu
Michoutouchkine - Pilioko Foundation
Santo Tourism Association
Vanair Ltd
Vanuatu Cultural Centre & National Museum
Vanuatu Tour Operators Association