Find National NGO expertise in Zambia

Many non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and civil society organisations (CSOs) in Zambia work together in partnerships and coalitions. The People’s Action Forum (PAF), a rural-based NGO, has worked with other organisations to create the CSO Zambia National Education Coalition. There is a large contingent of organisations concerned with human rights and women’s rights. In all, NGO involvement ranges from the most basic of activities, such as the sourcing and provision of water to rural communities, to the more complex, such as the provision of legal aid to the vulnerable, which the Legal Resources Foundation makes possible.

National NGOs & Civil Society organisations in Zambia
Adult Education Association of Zambia (AEAZ)
Afza Mzuri Zambia
Agricultural Consultative Forum Zambia (ACF)
Alliance for Zambia Informal Economy Associations Zambia (AZIEA)
Association of Microfinance Institutions in Zambia (AMIZ)
Bread of Life International
CETZAM Opportunity Micro Finance Ltd Zambia
Children in Distress Kitwe Project (CINDI)
Children in Need
Churches' Medical Association of Zambia
Citizen Economic Empowerment Commission Zambia (CEEC)
Civil Society for Poverty Reduction (CSPR)
Development Organisation for People's Empowerment
Environmental Conservation Association of Zambia (ECAZ)
Family Life Movement of Zambia (FLMZ)
Home Economics Association of Zambia (HEAZ)
Kaluli Development Foundation (KDF)
Kara Counselling and Training Trust
Kasanka Trust Ltd Zambia
Keepers Zambia Foundation (KZF)
Legal Resources Foundation
Lusaka Muslim Women Trust Fund (LMWTF)
Medical Women Association of Zambia
Munda Wanga Trust Zambia
Muzama Crafts Ltd Zambia
National Association for Peasant and Small Scale Farmers of Zambia (NAPSSFZ)
National Food and Nutrition Commission, The
National HIV / AIDS Council Zambia (NAC)
National Legal Clinic for Women (NLACW)
Network of Zambian People living with HIV/AIDS
NGO for Coordinating Committe for Gender and Development
NGO Technical Services Unit
North Luangwa Wildlife Conservation Community Development Project (NLWCCDP / CHIMU)
People's Action Forum (PAF)
Planned Parenthood Association of Zambia (PPAZ)
Positive and Living Squad (PALS)
Rescue Mission Zambia (RMZ)
RuralNet Associates Limited (Zambia)
Sesheke Gender Group (SGG)
Street Adolescent Girls Project (SAGP)
Women for Change (WFC)
Women Refugees Community in Zambia (WRCZ)
Young Men's Christian Association Zambia (YMCA)
Young Women's Christian Association (YWCA)
Youth Activists Organisation
Zambia AIDS, Law, Reaserch and Advocacy Network
Zambia Alliance of Women (ZAW)
Zambia Association of Disabled Women
Zambia Business Coalition on HIV/AIDS
Zambia Collective Housing & Community Development Foundation (ZCHCDF)
Zambia Council for Social Development (ZCSD)
Zambia Federation of Disability Organisations (ZAFOD)
Zambia Federation of the Disabled
Zambia Indigenous Business Association (ZIBA)
Zambia Media Women's Association
Zambia National Aids Network (ZNAN)
Zambia National Association for Disabled Women (ZNADWO)
Zambia National Association for the Physically Handicapped (ZNAPH)
Zambia National Education Coalition
Zambia National Federation of the Blind (ZANFOB)
Zambia National Women's Lobby Group (ZNWLG)
Zambia Network of AIDS Service
Zambia Open Community Schools (ZOCS)
Zambia Red Cross Society (ZRCS)
Zambia Scouts Association (ZSA)
Zambia Voluntary Community Development Association (ZAVCODA)