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Chair: Sir Anand Satyanand GNZM QSO
Director: Vijay Krishnarayan
Deputy Director: Myn Garcia

The Commonwealth Foundation is a development organisation with an international remit and reach, uniquely situated at the interface between government and civil society. The Foundation develops the capacity of civil society to act together and learn from each other to engage with the institutions that shape people’s lives. It strives for more effective, responsive and accountable governance with civil society participation, which contributes to improved development outcomes.


Established in 1965, the Commonwealth Foundation is one of the Commonwealth’s three intergovernmental agencies and is principally funded by assessed contributions made by its 47 member governments. The assessed contributions, along with other income such as project-specific grants to the Foundation, provide the resources for the annual budget, which is approved by the Executive Committee and endorsed by the Board of Governors.


A world where every person is able to fully participate in and contribute to the sustainable development of a peaceful and equitable society.


To develop the capacity of civil society to act together and learn from each other to engage with the institutions that shape people’s lives.

Commonwealth Foundation relaunch

At the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting in Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago, in 2009, leaders committed to the reform of Commonwealth institutions. They established the Eminent Persons Group, which highlighted the importance of civil society organisations to the future of the Commonwealth. In their final report they made several recommendations on the ways in which the Foundation could support this constituency. When the report was received in Perth, Australia, in 2011, Commonwealth Heads of Government committed to:

promote the future of the Commonwealth through the strong and important voice of its people by … relaunching the Commonwealth Foundation in 2012, while retaining its fundamental intergovernmental nature and maintaining its accountability to member states, with a revised mandate and Memorandum of Understanding so that it can more effectively deliver the objectives of strengthening and mobilising civil society in support of Commonwealth principles and priorities.

The Commonwealth Foundation relaunched on 1 November 2012. Responding to this mandate, a new strategic plan marks the beginning of a third phase in the evolution of the Foundation.
It breaks new ground for the organisation, signalling a determination to apply more focus, rigour and an outcomes orientation to its work.


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