Commonwealth Association of Architects (CAA)

PO Box 1166 Stamford PE2 2HL, UK

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CAA is a membership organisation for institutes representing architects in Commonwealth countries. Formed in 1965 to promote co-operation for advancement of architecture in the Commonwealth, it currently has 24 active members.

Officers: President: Rukshan Widyalankara (Sri Lanka); Senior Vice-President: Vincent Cassar (Malta); Immediate past president: Mubasshar Hussain (Bangladesh); Honorary Secretary/Treasurer: John Geeson (UK); Chair of Education: Mansur Kurfi Ahmadu (Nigeria); Chair of Practice: Stephen Oundo (Kenya); Chair of Communication: Reeta Rahman (Bangladesh); Vice-President Africa (South): Sithabile Mathe (Botswana); Vice-President Americas: Wycliffe Morton (St Kitts and Nevis); Vice-President Asia: Kalim Siddiqui (Pakistan); Vice-President Europe: Christos Panayiotides (Cyprus); Vice-President Oceania: David Parken (Australia); Chair of Validation Panel: Clare Newton (Australia); Executive Director: Tony Godwin (UK)

Activities: CAA runs a multinational validation system for the recognition of courses in architecture, establishing standards in architectural education, supporting new courses and promoting the mutual recognition of architectural qualifications. CAA supports the exchange of architectural knowledge through seminars, and runs a triennial General Assembly and conference together with an international student competition in its ninth edition attracting 126 entries from 41 schools of architecture in 24 countries and 32 entrant nationalities. CAA has developed An Architect’s Guide to Designing for Sustainability and campaigns with other Commonwealth built environment associations to improve conditions in rapidly urbanising cities.