Commonwealth affairs

A number of organisations are working mainly on issues to do with the Commonwealth. They include:

–  Commonwealth Association

–  Commonwealth Countries League (CCL)

–  The Round Table: Commonwealth Journal of International Affairs

Commonwealth Association

c/o 127 Ebury Street, London SW1W 9QU, UK

Tel: +44 20 7730 9966 | Email: 

General information and enquiries: Cheryl Dorall (Tel: +44 00 7710 842886)

The association’s membership is drawn from former staff members of the Commonwealth Secretariat, Commonwealth Foundation, Commonwealth of Learning, and salaried staff from Commonwealth organisations and associations which are accredited to the Commonwealth by the Commonwealth Secretariat. Former staff of Commonwealth Youth Programme (CYP) Centres, and experts and volunteers who have served the Commonwealth Fund for Technical Co-operation (CFTC) or the Commonwealth Service Abroad Programme (CSAP) are also eligible to be members.

The association offers active support for the values of the Commonwealth and the programmes of the Commonwealth Secretariat, Commonwealth Foundation, Commonwealth of Learning and other Commonwealth organisations.

Foundation: 2001

Officers: Chairperson: Patsy Robertson; Vice-Chair: Stuart Mole; Secretary: Cheryl Dorall

Activities:  In general, networking with other Commonwealth organisations in support of common objectives; organising public talks on current affairs issues. Since 2007, organising oral history of major programmes and projects of the Commonwealth Secretariat; joint campaign in support of the people of Zimbabwe; fundraising for young albinos in Tanzania to get better education and healthcare. In 2011, organised major briefing on the theme of reform of the Commonwealth ahead of CHOGM 2011 summit.



Commonwealth Countries League (CCL)

c/o Executive Chair and Commonwealth Fair Co-ordinator, 37 Priory Avenue, Sudbury, Middlesex HA0 2SB, UK

Tel: +44 20 8248 3275 | Email:

CCL’s aims are to promote the education and advancement of women throughout the Commonwealth as a contributory factor in the alleviation of world poverty.

Foundation: 1925

Officers: Hon Secretary: Tricia George (; Chairman: Majorie Rennie

Mission: The Commonwealth Countries League works for the rights and interests of women in the Commonwealth by providing a platform to:

  • exchange knowledge on issues relating to families, women and girls
  • lobby the relevant authorities on those issues
  • focus on friendship and networking between Commonwealth women
  • facilitate the co-operation between Commonwealth women’s organisations through its affiliates
  • raise funds for the education of girls throughout the Commonwealth, and
  • keep in touch with them after schooling through the Alumnae Association.

Foundation: In 1925, as the British Commonwealth League by a group of women drawn from many of the countries that make up today’s Commonwealth, now known as the Commonwealth Countries League.

Objectives: ‘To secure equality of liberties, status and opportunities between men and women and to promote mutual understanding and friendship throughout the Commonwealth Countries.’

Structure: The League is administered by an executive committee elected annually by and from the membership. Representatives from affiliated organisations can attend the executive meetings on a non-voting basis. A president is appointed at the AGM every three years.

The League is recognised by both the Commonwealth Secretariat and the Commonwealth Foundation for observer status at the triennial meetings of the Commonwealth ministers responsible for women’s affairs, the triennial meetings of Commonwealth education ministers and the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meetings.

The CCL works with civil society to promote the education and advancement of women throughout the Commonwealth as a contributory factor in the alleviation of world poverty.

Activities: The CCL has a programme of informative talks and social functions. In 2011 and 2012 it held two conferences on health issues. The CCL organises the annual Commonwealth Fair in association with the high commissioners, the spouses of the high commissioners and affiliated organisations to raise funds for the CCL Education Fund, and administers the CCL Alumnae Association. In 1967 the CCL president met a very bright girl needing funds to continue her education while visiting an orphanage in Sierra Leone. It was then realised that there must be many girls in the Commonwealth with potential who, for a variety of reasons, were unable to fulfil them. This led to the formation of the Commonwealth Countries’ League Education Fund, a Secondary Education Sponsorship Scheme for Girls, which became a registered charity in 1982 (see below).

Finance: Members’ dues; fund-raising.

NGO relations: Member of:

  • Commonwealth Consortium for Education
  • Federation of International Women’s Associations in London.

Links with:

  • International Alliance of Women
  • Council of Commonwealth Societies
  • Corona Worldwide.

Publications: News Update (three times a year); Annual Report; brochures.

Members: Affiliated societies constituted on national, state or district basis; individuals, open to men and women from all Commonwealth countries.

The Round Table: Commonwealth Journal of International Affairs

School of Law, University of Ulster at Jordanstown, Shore Road, Newtownabbey, Co Antrim BT37 0QB, UK

Tel: +44 28 9036 8876 | Fax: +44 28 9036 6847 | Email:

(Secretary) 4 Gerard Place, Oxford OX4 3HD, UK

Tel: +44 1865 774 362 | Fax: +44 1865 355 035 | Email:

The Round Table provides analysis and commentary on all aspects of international affairs. The journal is a major source for coverage of the policy issues concerning the contemporary Commonwealth, with occasional articles on themes of historical interest. As part of its centenary celebrations, it organised a number of commemorative events, including seminars, book launches and conferences around the Commonwealth during 2010.

Foundation: 1910

Officers: Chair: Stuart Mole; Editor: Venkat Iyer; Book Reviews Editor: Terry Barringer; Commonwealth Update Editor: Oren Gruenbaum; Secretary: Alex May; Treasurer: Mark Robinson

Activities: As well as producing the journal, the editorial board organises occasional seminars, conferences and meetings on themes of Commonwealth interest.