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Gaston_Browne_2014cHon. Gaston Browne
Prime Minister of Antigua and Barbuda

Many thanks for accessing the country page of Antigua and Barbuda on the website of the Commonwealth of Nations. Antigua and Barbuda deems the Commonwealth to be a very useful institution from which springs a spirit of community, spread through several continents and islands. The Commonwealth has a long history of acting to secure freedom, justice and equality for the downtrodden. Its relevance in the struggle against racial injustice, fighting the trampling underfoot of small states, and promoting the development of states—especially following natural disasters—is exemplary.

Multilateral institutions can be frequently accused of wide diffraction of their objectives, so that they sometimes lose focus. The Commonwealth has been narrowly focused on delivering measurable gains; its deliverables are guided, its leadership extremely intelligent, and the results of its efforts are impactful.

As I conclude my first 20 months of a 60-month elected term, I give the Commonwealth the assurances that my Government will continue to work closely with it to achieve the noble objectives of this outstanding institution. The attempt to make the Commonwealth responsive to each of its member states’ interests; is to ensure its relevance.

The Commonwealth’s role in the monitoring of elections, in redefining security as pertains to small states, in modernizing and strengthening administrative processes in large and small states, and in fostering camaraderie among the leaders of our 53 member-states, makes the Commonwealth a special institution.

For those who wish to experience the value of multilateralism, I invite you to come visit Antigua and Barbuda. Our warm and friendly people, our bright and sunny disposition, our beauteous Caribbean island, and our natural magnificence will have you returning again and again. Come visit the heart of the Caribbean and experience the same beauty that brings visitors, numbering ten times our population size, to the fountain of beauty and charm.

Honourable Gaston Browne
9th Feb 2016

Antigua and Barbuda

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