Welcome to Malawi


Lazarus ChakweraHis Excellency Mr Lazarus Chakwera
President of the Republic of Malawi

It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to Malawi, the ‘Warm Heart of Africa’.

Malawi is a young democracy committed to improving the lives of her people through sustainable development. Malawi has much to learn and benefit from her fellow Commonwealth Member States, as it continues to address critical challenges affecting her.

Malawi ascribes to the Commonwealth values and aspirations that include promotion and protection of human rights, democracy, international peace and security, sustainable development, and protecting the environment, which are relevant in this century.

Malawi has a diverse and rich culture with kind and friendly people. I invite you to enjoy Malawi’s hospitality. The country offers beautiful mountains, valleys, and fresh water lakes, with our unique flora and fauna and varied range of wildlife.

Malawi is a haven for industrial growth as it offers a vast pool of labour. Investors will find the opportunity to participate in Malawi’s economic endeavours, secured by friendly industrial laws and pro-investment labour laws that safeguard both national and foreign investment interests. All these factors qualify Malawi as a favourable investment destination.

Let me welcome you once again to Malawi to experience the nation’s great hospitality and enjoy our beautiful country, as well as explore our business environment.

The above message was provided by the previous President.


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