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Keith_RowleyHon. Keith Rowley
Prime Minister of Trinidad & Tobago

I would like to take this opportunity to welcome all visitors to the Commonwealth of Nations website, which provides an ideal platform for generating insight into the political and economic backgrounds of Commonwealth Member States.

Our twin island Republic of Trinidad and Tobago, located at the southernmost tip of the Caribbean archipelago, enjoys a stable political environment, deeply rooted in the values of democracy and good governance which form the basis of the Commonwealth’s core principles. As a proud Member of the Commonwealth, we continue to strive to uphold the pillars of democracy by respecting the fundamental human rights of our citizens through universal education and the promotion of gender equality. Furthermore, the government of Trinidad and Tobago works assiduously to ensure that the foundation of good governance laid out by the Harare Declaration of 1991 is built upon in all facets of our political and judicial system. It is our continuous endeavour to maintain these values of the Commonwealth which has contributed in large part to our development on political, economic and social levels.

Not only are we a secure democratic nation, but Trinidad and Tobago also has the most stable economy in the Caribbean. Thanks to our location which makes us a natural launching pad to the Caribbean and the Americas, we are proud to have the most developed, industrialised economy of the region. Whilst we have reaped the benefits of Trinidad and Tobago’s booming petroleum and petro-chemical industries, we continue to rapidly diversify, expanding our manufacturing, maritime, food and beverage, creative and service industries, among others. Similarly, Tobago’s firmly established tourism industry continues to flourish as it remains a top tourist destination with its barely-touched natural beauty.

In seeking not only to diversify and strengthen our economy, but also to maintain our commitment to democracy, Trinidad and Tobago is working closely with the Commonwealth and its various organs to achieve these goals. Indeed, the Commonwealth’s unflagging support and collaboration provides an invaluable stepping stone for Trinidad and Tobago as we aim to increase our presence on the world stage. We are a vibrant, cosmopolitan nation, rapidly going from strength to strength, and I therefore wish to invite you to explore all that Trinidad and Tobago has to offer, whether it is an opportunity to invest and do business, or simply enjoy the hospitality and scenic beauty of our twin-island Republic.

The above message was provided by the previous Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar. 

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