Betsam Engineering Supplies and Services

BETSAM ENGINEERING SUPPLIES & SERVICES is a multifaceted Information and Communication Technology (ICT) company established to deliver voice, data, web, software, graphics, e-presentation and video solutions to any location, individual and companies, with well structured packages to meet the specification of her clients.

BETSAM COMMUNICATIONS is a division of Betsam Engineering Supplies and Services that provides telecommunication services, voice and over internet protocol, installation of VSAT, sales and repairs of peripherals and other communication equipment.

BETSAM SOLAR is a division of Betsam Engineering Supplies & Services that provides solar energy to offices, household, individual and companies in Nigeria.  As a result of the high tempo of power consumption of electricity in Africa, it is inevitable that every creature in all spheres of life requires its constant availability. On the contrary, often time than not, we experience incessant erratic power supply situation in Africa.

BETSAM SECURITY EXPERTS AGS’s superior monitoring capabilities clearly set us apart from any other security system or company. A single AGS Alarm system connected to an AGS Customer Monitoring Center helps protect your home and family from burglary, fire, carbon monoxide, medical emergencies and more, 24 hours a day.

Our products and services are:

·    Inverter and Solar products
·    IT and Security Equipments
·    Repairs and Services


Our mission is to deliver affordable, efficient Information, Communication Technology Equipment and Services to all and sundry.


Our vision is to become one of the best Real-Time ICT, Security Equipment provider and leading Energy Generation firm in Nigeria.

Overall Business Strategy

Our strategy will be to expand our servicing department and bring in goods that have readymade markets in the business environment.

In all, there would be no restriction to the kinds of IT, phones, accessories and IT consumable we sell

Specifically we intend to:

1.    Source for all the items from the manufactures and also bring in the original products.
2.    Expand our sales outlet to other parts of Nigeria, since we have an existing market in Abuja and Port-Harcourt.
3.    We would also approach drug manufacturers or their representatives this ensures we have enough stock regularly
4.    Supply to large organisations such as schools, hotels, directly this will also increase our market share and spread.
5.    Provide good engineering workshop to service all our products. This will also add as an additional income to the organisation

Overall, to ensure we position ourselves as one of the well-stocked, visible and customer friendly ICT and alternative power provider in the location.