Eastend is a foremost e-media (television, radio and internet) creative content, production and media deployment consultancy firm. We are a conglomerate of creative developmental communications, packaging and deployment with offerings that spans:

  • E-media content production (education, entertainment, social and corporate documentaries, talk and game shows etc.)
  • Events management

Like the East signifies everything good, Eastend, a trademark company of AV.COM pulls together many of the best in the industry of media consultancy. The sun (as vital as it is to life) also rises from the east!

Operational Strategy

Our approach is that of strong brand management strategy to our operations (from conception all through to implementation). Our concept of Developmental Communications ensures that our programmes/projects and our clients’ advance their objectives. This way we become stakeholders in our client’s initiatives and actions. We hold full corporate membership of Independent Television Producers Association of Nigeria (ITPAN). Jaiye Ojo, our Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer, a veteran broadcaster, brand and media consultant of over 36 years is also a former President of ITPAN. Eastend is manned by a rich workforce of creative egg-heads and producers, excellent scriptwriters, trained journalists and quality support staff.