Goldengate Cargo International Ltd

Cargo International Limited is a relatively young, vibrant, innovative, and reliable organisation, considered as a powerhouse in the industry.

Our customers will be working with a carefully selected and blended team of very knowledgeable, skilled, experienced and passionate individuals, which constitute our greatest resource at Goldengate Cargo. We also have a very good professional relationship with the top hierarchy of the relevant regulatory agencies (including the Nigerian Customs Service).

Our customers will also be able to tap into a deep and wide network of partners on the global space from Asia, Europe, Far East, Middle East, Southern Africa and the Americas, as well as membership of all relevant regulatory, Professional and voluntary organizations in Nigeria to which we actively belong.


Goldengate Cargo Int´l Ltd is a wholly indigenous company incorporated in 2005 as a limited liability company and a Nigerian Customs Licensed Agent and Freight Forwarder.

Our company is peopled by teams of passionate, resourceful and highly connected veterans in the fields of Procurement and Logistics Operations, Risk Management, Banking and Commercial Law, and Information Communications Technology (ICT). In each of these critical fields, our clients will have more than an average of fifteen years´ collective quality practical experience at her service.

Our Management and Organisation Structure

Goldengate Cargo operates a three-tier flat organisation structure, namely Executive Management, Supervisory and Operating Officer´s level. This has the advantage of quick drill-down and lean overhead.