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Inter-Consult Ltd began operations in 1978, during which the Company was based in a small office in Dar es Salaam, offering civil and structural engineering consultancy services. Since then, Inter-Consult has evolved into a major Tanzanian-owned and managed consultancy organisation, with over three decades worth of experience.

Today, the Company’s expertise covers a broad spectrum of services for the infrastructure development sector. The full extent of professional skills is demonstrated by the breadth of projects, which number to over 400, ranging from basic, modest-value projects to complex, multi-million dollar contracts.

The Company is recognised as an innovative, reliable, industry-leading company that has made a significant contribution to the design and project-management sector in Tanzania.

Inter-Consult wants clients to know of its commitment and professionalism.

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Inter-Consult is acknowledged for its creative, efficient and highly experienced consultants, who form the core of the company’s five specialist services.  These are offered to the private sector, NGOs, parastatals, and the provincial and national government sector.

Inter-Consult also provides the highest quality consulting services across a diverse range of infrastructure-related industry sectors. Its activities are mainly focused in East Africa, where Inter-Consult has gained an impressive reputation for excellence and proficiency.

TPA control tower

Port Control Tower, Dar es Salaam for Tanzania Port Authority

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100m span Nangoo Bridge in Mtwara, Tanzania