Nigerian Hotel Association

The Nigeria Hotel Association (NHA) is the national umbrella body of hoteliers. The NHA is a crucial member of the Federation of Tourism Associations of Nigeria (FTAN), the national umbrella body of the tourism sector made up of 12 registered members. The NHA represents the FTAN on the Nigeria Tourism Development Corporation Board, established as part of the government’s recognition of the vital contribution of tourism to the national economy.

The NHA is involved in encouraging the government to invest in the expansion of the hotel and tourism industry. It has put pressure on the Federal Government to assure an intervention fund for the rebuilding of the hotel and leisure sub-sector to international standards. They regard this as a vital step in increasing the nation’s gross domestic product. The NHA made a case to the government for an intervention fund of N500 billion and in August 2012 suggested that extensive discussions with the Federal Government had secured approval for at least N300 billion. The NHA believe that this investment in the hotel and leisure sub-sector is necessary in order to boost tourism and maximise its potential benefits in terms of the nation’s GDP.

The NHA represents the interests of its members in matters of national debate. In March 2012 they opposed a directive from the Acting Inspector General of police which would mean that all hospitality centres not registered with the Nigerian Tourism Development Corporation would be operating illegally. The NHA believes that the state government is responsible for registering hotels, rather than any other Federal Government agency.

The NHA believes in the importance of improving security around hotels and tourist centres. As part of this drive it encourages its members to ensure proper documentation of all guests to assist security agents.