Tanganyika Law Society

The Tanganyika Law Society is the Bar association of Tanzania Mainland, founded in 1954 by an Act of Parliament – the Tanganyika Law Society Ordinance, Chapter 344 of the Laws. The Tanganyika Law Society is currently governed by the Tanganyika Law Society Act, Cap 307 R.E. 2002, which repealed the earlier legislation. 

The TLS was established with several statutory objectives, including :

  • to maintain and improve the standards of conduct and learning of the legal profession in Tanzania;
  • to facilitate the acquisition of legal knowledge by members of the legal profession and others;
  • to assist the Government and the Courts in all matters affecting legislation and administration and practice of the law in Tanzania;
  • to represent, protect and assist members of the legal profession in Tanzania as regards to conditions of practice and otherwise; and
  • to protect and assist the public in Tanzania in all matters touching, ancillary or incidental to the law.

The TLS Vision Statement

A society where justice and the rule of law are upheld.

The TLS Mission Statement

To secure sustainable professional development and the integrity of the legal profession; promote and protect the rule of law and access to justice; and champion progressive legal reforms.

In its 2008-12 Strategic Plan, the TLS has identified four broad objectives which it intends to actively pursue:

(A) to build and sustain a solid, efficient and effective institutional basis for the TLS

(B) to foster a membership base which discharges its professional duties with integrity, diligence and the highest level of ethics

(C) to enhance access to justice and the enjoyment of rights by individuals and groups in Tanzania

(D) to defend the independence and integrity of the judiciary.

You are welcome to peruse the pages of our website for more information about the TLS. You can also visit us at our main office, which is located at 299 Ruhinde Street, Ada Estate, or, are free to contact us by telephone at +255 22 2664254 or by electronic mail on info@tls.or.tz.