Zambia Association of Manufacturers


ZAMBIA ASSOCIATION OF MANUFACTURERS (ZAM), a registered organisation in the Republic of Zambia, is a business association which represents the interests of the entire manufacturing sector and other related economic and/or prodction sectors in Zambia. It was established in 1985 with the view to foster dialogue and relations between the Manufacturers and the Government so as to increase industrial intensity in Zambia.

ZAM’s major objective is to promote the manufacturing sector through policy advocacy, dialogue, lobbying and technology upgrading of the production process as a way of improving productivity and competitiveness in the industry.


To be the Association that will provide a forum for Manufacturers to network and dialogue with Government and other stakeholders in creating an enabling conducive business environment.


To facilitate and promote the growth of an efficient and modern Manufacturing sector in Zambia GOAL. To attain 20% contribution to GDP by 2030