Bar Purity Ghana Limited


Bar Purity is a leading and independent exporter of gold in Ghana with the objective to increase its export capability and develop its structure as a world-class exporter of gold bullion and nuggets.

As a low-cost gold producer previously focused on the marketing of pure unrefined gold, the company recently expanded operations with the acquisition of the Hemanso 1 goldfields concession located in Twifo Praso, in the western region of Ghana, bringing operations to include gold mining and mine development.

Focused on building a solid, successful, mid-tier gold mining and production company, Bar Purity’s vision is to fashion a long-term, profitable business with healthy margins using a disciplined and responsible approach to growth. Technical expertise coupled with financial discipline ensures growth in resources and assets, with a steady increase in production levels.

Next to the government-owned Precious Minerals and Marketing Commission, the company is Ghana’s largest exporter of pure gold bullion, doré and nuggets. Given current export statistics, Bar Purity is poised to become a major force in the Ghanaian mining industry, gearing its capabilities towards ensuring healthy competition and timely delivery to existing and would-be clients.

To uphold its excellent reputation as a responsible gold mining and production company, Bar Purity is sensitive to the environmental impact of new products and processes, and recognises and responds constructively to host communities’ concerns about health and safety aspects of its operations.

Other than mining and production, our core business, we offer the following services: Supply of gold bullion, dust and nuggets: we have a proven track record for the consistent supply of pure, unrefined gold ore. This consistency is achieved not only in mining production, but also in the resale and purchase of gold ore.

Gold assaying: we provide independent assay services at our office to external bodies intent on establishing gold composition and fineness before purchase and/or sale.

Refining services: we offer refining services to would-be and gold owners, purifying the composition of every ounce to achieve 99.9 per cent purity. Smelting services: we offer smelting services for one kilo-bar and 12.5 kilo-bar size respectively, including jewellery and gold coin.

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