Cardinal Security Services Limited


Executive protection team members

Incorporated in August 2005, Cardinal Security Services Limited has grown from a local company to a regional business with its corporate headquarters in Lagos and other business units in Kenya, Tanzania, Ghana, Burkina Faso and Senegal.

I Drive Smart Limited, Cardinal’s sister company, is an expert driving school designed by professionals with the main objective to provide driving skills to clients in an exceptional manner through evasive and defensive driving courses; hostile environment and anti-ambush techniques; and security convoy driving.


To render efficient and affordable security services and solutions to our clients. 


To work to enable our clients to succeed in a complex or hostile environment.

Our Services

  • Security escort services
  • Airport protocol – We provide meet-and-greet / airport protocol services to our clients. Special and Detailed Country Briefings are given to New Arrivals in Nigeria at the Airport. Meet & Greet Services include the provision of passenger vehicle(s) and Escort team(s) as required by the client. This service is to convey and escort
    visitors from the airport to hotels, various offices or private residences. The escort services are carried out by highly trained DDC (Defensive Drivers’ Course) and EMT (Evasive and Maneuvering Techniques) Security Drivers and Escort Commanders
    trained in the art of Executive Protection and UK BTEC Level 3 Close Protection Course. The vehicles are equipped with Real Time Vehicle Trackers and radios.
  • Executive protection – We make available on request professional body-guards (CP) who are well trained in Marshall Arts. Our CP teams are trained by a US Security Company in Executive Protection Course for Hostile Environment and UK BTEC Level 3 Close Protection Course. They are constantly trained to keep their expertise at cutting edge with good diplomatic skills and are effective in executing their task.
  • Guard force – We provide trainable individuals who are carefully selected and vetted and have attained necessary levels of education as well as being medically and physically fit as static security guards, on 12-24 hours basis to clients that help protect their people and assets. Such guards are always on uniform and work on shifts so as to provide emergency relief on a rotational basis.
  • Event security – We assist in providing customer friendly event security and crowd management services. Whether a social or corporate event of any size, our security officers are fully trained and prepared to meet any requirement your function may present.
  • Quick response force
  • Security risk assessment – We strategise on how to manage crisis – identifying risk, containing and reducing effects of crisis and managing crisis in any given situation. We also deal in intelligence gathering reports which we send out to clients on a daily or weekly basis. Cardinal Security’ Online service and text messaging service provides daily weekly and monthly security analysis/updates; City Brief offers an in-depth reference to Nigeria. For longer term assessments and detailed forecasts, clients commission specific reports on a country, region or topic. Our in-house team of analysts is supported by a network of retained correspondents.
  • Investigation, due diligence and anticounterfeiting – We carry out standard investigation procedures for our clients based on the investigation need and
    also provide due diligence checks and vetting for clients. Cardinal provides professional security trainings and education to corporate organizations, executives and NGOs. These trainings are held at agreed locations. The trainings are delivered by qualified Special International and local Instructors who deploy doctrines and training methodology derived from contemporary operational experience.
  • Electronic security systems
  • Hostage negotiation
  • Crisis management – We provide motorized Emergency response services to attend to kidnaps, robbery attacks, social unrest, medical emergencies etc. our Control Centre works 24/7 and receive distress calls on any emergency from our clients and from the alarm system, which they quickly respond to minimize threats.
  • Evacuation planning and support
  • Vehicle tracking – We provide organizations with complete monitoring of their assets by transferring valuable information via Internet, satellite and GSM communication on a 24 hour per day/7 days a week basis with the use of the Vehicle/Materials Tracking Devices. Our real time tracking, monitoring & location capabilities for land, sea and air assets utilize Satellite and GSM communications. It helps deliver measurable business and operational benefit by providing total visibility and control of mobile with a combination of GPS/GPRS/SAT and GSM technology for fleet management purposes, vehicle tracking and personal tracking systems. Our platform is automated to generate reports to make transportation information available to you quickly and easily. These reports can be used as it is, or can be customized to fit your business operations needs. The vehicle monitoring systems is capable of measuring engine and driver performance, troubleshooting problems, and observing how and when your vehicles are being driven. We undertake logistics and fleet management for client vehicles and assets. Our Personnel Tracking Device is a Smartphone tracking that uses 3G and 4G networks to provide travelling executives with reliable, cost-effective tracking solution with panic alarm capability.