Case Medcare Ltd


Welcome Message from the CEO

Dr. A. K SebbaaleAs a surgeon, restoring quality health is the number one instinct which has also been my drive this far in health management. Providing health solutions in a competent and caring environment, and complementing the efforts of the public hospitals, are the core values of our existence.

Medicine is advancing, with each day presenting new cases that require advanced diagnostic equipment. Private health facilities face this as their number one challenge because equipment is expensive on top of all the taxations.

Our only channel, I believe, of providing quality health care as medical and health personnel, especially in least developed countries like Uganda, is in partnerships. I have seen this work for CASE Medical Centre that has managed a case of blocked Cartoid Artery with the help of a team of specialists from Pecs University Hungary; spine surgeries with the spine team from America and many others.

We take pride in specialist brains here in Uganda but these are nothing without platforms for continuous medical education and equipment. The young and promising breed of doctors is banking on us to furnish them with up-to-date skills that meet the day-to-day global advances in health and medicine. Patients are equally informed, not only from finding the internet highly resourceful but also from being part of the heightened level of medical tourism, thus important for us as well to level up.

CASE Medical Centre attained ISO 9001 Certification adding it to the hierarchy of standard operating environments as far as health care in Africa is concerned. Aside from possessing standard health management capability, this certification is a green light for health groups, facilities and personnel to partner and get involved in uplifting health care in Africa and most importantly COMESA region.

Please be part of this boost.