Kingston & St. Andrew Corporation

Her Worship the Mayor of Kingston Senator, Councillor Dr Angela Brown Burke, J.P.

Her Worship the Mayor of Kingston Senator, Councillor Dr Angela Brown Burke, J.P.

Born out of the amalgamation of the parishes of Kingston and St. Andrew in 1923, the Kingston and St. Andrew Corporation (KSAC) continues to guide the growth and development of Jamaica’s capital city. With a population of nearly 700,000 and an area of just over 185 square miles, the municipality is responsible for administering local government in the capital.

The municipality is bordered by the famous Blue Mountains in the extreme north, home of the world’s number one coffee, and Kingston Harbour in the south – one of the finest natural harbours in the world. To the east, is the once notorious city of Port Royal, home of Caribbean Sea pirates, which was destroyed by an earthquake in 1692 paving the way for the blooming of Kingston. To the west looms Highway 2000, a 230-kilometre highway leading into the rustic agricultural and tourism interior and coasts of the country.

The municipality faces many challenges and deficiencies. Nevertheless, we are working assiduously towards providing solutions; always mindful of our stated strategic objectives of keeping the municipality clean, safe and thriving, serving our citizens and other stakeholders, attracting and increasing the flow of cash and cultivating a culture of effectiveness in the Council.

KSAC, in keeping with its strategic goal of serving our citizens and other stakeholders, embarked on a series of consultations aimed at obtaining feedback from citizens to inform decision making and enhance its service delivery. As a Council, we intend to continue this trend and look forward to more citizen participation in future town hall meetings and other forums. We also aim to provide feedback as we strive to be the ‘leading innovative local authority by 2015, with transparency, integrity and professionalism as our hallmark’.

The Corporation has also embarked on a number of recent initiatives including citizens engagements. These include the establishment of a Youth Advisory Task Force, Dancing in the Park which fosters the promotion of a healthy lifestyle, among other initiatives, with the promotion of safety and protection of our children at the forefront.

One of KSAC’s core functions is regulating and monitoring orderly development in the Municipality. Since 2012 KSAC has focused on creating a culture of efficiency and effectiveness. In this regard, establishing a faster Development Approval Process for projects within the municipality has been a priority. The Corporation has held numerous stakeholder meetings and made significant internal changes towards improving the processing of Development Approvals and continues to review its internal processes.

As a modern local authority, KSAC is committed to strengthening its IT capacity to respond to the organisation’s needs so that our customers can be adequately served.

We are equally committed to building and strengthening relationships between the city of Kingston and other municipalities across the world. Our relationship with our international partners is critical and 2015 will see us taking steps to revive and establish relations with numerous international municipalities.