Office of Tourism, Arts and Culture



Marianna Ellingson (2)

Marianna Ellingson, Director-General

‘ OTAC’s primary function is to effect a well-planned, better-coordinated and adequately resourced TAC sector. Capacity building will be enhanced and strengthened to enable the sector to contribute significantly to sustainable national development.’

The Office of Tourism, Arts and Culture (OTAC) was established in 2009 as per NEC Dec. No. 37/2009, and its mandate as per NEC Dec. No. 94/2010.

A centre of excellence delivering the best and most effective and efficient business support services to the tourism, arts and culture sector, that is recognised nationally and internationally.


To provide strategic leadership as the OTA-2sector coordinating agency for the tourism, arts and culture sector in strengthening coordination and communication within the sector. To establish an effective sector capacity-building and institutional-strengthening programme for the sector.

To coordinate the planning, resourcing, implementation, and monitoring of the Sector Plan 2014-2018 in partnership with the sector agencies, namely the National Cultural Commission (NCC), the National Museum and Art Gallery (NMAG) and the PNG Tourism Authority (PNGTPA) and the Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture