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According to Forbes (2010), the largest company in Australia is BHP Billiton (which is also the largest mining company in the world) with over AUS$ 220 billion in market capitalization this year, trading 8.5 million shares currently at around AUS$ 2,300 per share on the stock market. In direct competition with BHP is Rio Tinto, Australia’s fourth largest company. The second largest company is the National Australia Bank. Retail operators include Woolworths, Coles Group, Wesfarmers and Fosters. Major banks, which incidentally all make up the top 10 largest companies in the country, include Commonwealth, ANZ Banking, Westpac and Macquarie Bank. The largest telecoms company is Telstra. The country’s main stock exchange is the Australian Securities Exchange.

Major Corporations organisations in Australia
ANZ Banking
Australian Securities and Investments Commission
Australian Securities Exchange
BHP Billiton
Coles Group
Commonwealth Bank
Macquarie Bank
National Australia Bank Ltd
Rio Tinto