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The legal system of the Bahamas is based on English Common Law, which has since 1964 been complemented by an American type of constitutionalism declaring the existence of certain fundamental principles that are to be observed and enforced.

Civil and criminal jurisdiction is held by the Bahamas Court of Appeal, the Supreme Court and the magistrates’ courts, the courts of first instance. In New Providence and Grand Bahama the magistrates’ courts are presided over by magistrates, and in the Family Islands they are presided over by island administrators. The magistrates have been empowered to hear inquests since 2006, when the coroners’ court was closed. The Supreme Court, the second highest in the country, is staffed by a chief justice and eight justices, and sits in Nassau on New Providence island and Freeport on Grand Bahama. The Court of Appeal has jurisdiction to hear and determine appeals from judgements, orders and sentences made by the Supreme Court. The final court of appeal is the Privy Council in the UK.

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